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Phase 1 – THE Beginning


Topics for this course

Dividing Shares& Roles Between Teammates
Learn the factors that affect the equity share in a startup. Create a RACI matrix to understand who is responsible for what. Calculate the equity share with our template easily and fast.

Incorparation Process
Decide where and when to establish your legal entity. Learn the most important clauses meanings in the company documents.

Idea Validation & Market Research
Validate your startup idea with an experiment board. Decide your business model, revenue model. Complete your market research and be sure your product-market fit is perfect. Create your KPIs list to follow. Build a simple sales page and track conversion rates to check if your idea is worth to invest.

Sales Funnel Design & Simulation
You know your customers, market, and problems that you solve, now it is time to build a proper sales funnel to reach them. You will not only build your funnel also simulate it before you start building. By that way, you will be able to calculate the costs and revenue that you may have at the end.

Marketing Strategy & Automation Planning
You know your funnel and the outcome of it. Now it is time to create your marketing strategy blueprint and decide how to automate your marketing.

Design & Build MVP
Learn how to design a logo for your startup and create eye-catching startup documents which you already collected all the necessary informations in the previous stages.

Financial Projections with Investment Needs
Learn how to fill out our fine-tuned Financial Compass for startups to understand your financials. Know how much money to ask your potential investors and be able to tell them where are you planning to spend this investment money.

Cap Table & Investment Analyze
The most common question that startup founders have in their mind is "How much equity is suitable in exchange for a capital investment?" Learn how to analyze your equity dilution with our outstanding CAP Table Template and simulate investment scenarios. Be able to convince your potential investors with all those scenarios.

Investor Meetings & Pitch Deck
Learn what, how, and when to send your documents to potential investors. Create your perfect elevator pitch and outstanding pitch deck that will help you to shine among other competitors.

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